Bailly Lapierre Reserve Brut Sparkling Cremant de Bourgogne France 750ml

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  • Bailly Lapierre - Re'serve Brut Sparkling - Cre'mant de Bourgogne, France | Harris Farm Online
  • Bailly Lapierre - Re'serve Brut Sparkling - Cre'mant de Bourgogne, France | Harris Farm Online

Bailly Lapierre - Re'serve Brut Sparkling - Cre'mant de Bourgogne, France


A delicate, long lasting sparkle whose purety reveals the lively freshness and aromatic quality of the original base wines... A balance that is the hallmark of Bailly Lapierre Crémants: from the bedrock... yet finely chiselled, carrying you away with their intense, mineral freshness. Truly an expression of Burgundy’s rich heritage.

In the unvarying coolness and soft light of the underground vaults and passages, the cellarmaster oversees the seried racks of bottles while the natural yet magical phenomenon gives rise to the sparkle and fizz.

Whichever of our brands you choose –Réserve, Rosé, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Noir et Blanc and, specially for wine lovers, original blends from Pinot Noir as well as our cuvées “Vive-la-Joie”–, you are sure to find a Crémant to set your taste buds going and match each moment of enjoyment and pleasure.

The winegrowers at Bailly Lapierre grow and use the whole range of Burgundy’s finest grape varieties.



A blend of the Appellation’s four grape varieties (Pinot Noir,
Chardonnay, Gamay, Aligoté)*, the wine is congenial, rounded and
full, with a varied bouquet. A thirst-quencher, it is our easiest drinking Crémant, clearcut, clean with a lovely freshness.

• hand-picked grapes
• transport of the harvest in open-sided bins of 45kgs to eliminate any damage to
the berries
• airbag presses
• must obtained on the basis of 100 litres of juice from 150kgs of harvest: 75% first
pressing, 25% second or later pressings
• both yeast and malolactic fermentations carried out, blending of separately-made
wines, then preparations for bottling that is carried out after January 1st
• extended maturing, 12 months on average, bottles inverted on racks in the unvarying
natural cool and half-light of the underground cellars hewn out of the limestone
bedrock. It is during this period that the wine’s natural sparkle develops
• two-stage certification by the INAO (Institut National de l’Origine et de la Qualité): first the base wines, then the finished wines off the racks.

Bailly, our village here in Burgundy, is the birthplace of the AOC Crémant de Bourgogne. Since 1972, in an underground quarry providing unique natural conditions, we have produced sparkling wines that belong to a world of enchantment. They come from superb noble grapes, handharvested then vinified and patiently matured. Our wines, sprung from the bedrock yet finely chiselled, carry one away with their intense, truly mineral freshness...


**Please note vintages may vary from store to store or when delivered**

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