Baccis Fresh Pasta Veal Tortellini 500g

$6.99 ea

Bacci's Veal Tortellini

Contains Allergen

Egg, Gluten, Dairy


Durum Semolina, Water, Breadcrumbs (Flour, Wholemeal Flour, Yeast, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Gluten, Malt, Extract, Soya, Flour, Malt Flour, Emulsifiers (481,471), Sugar, Preservation (282), Thiamine, Amylase), Veal (11%), Carrots, Whole Eggs, Celery, Vegetable Protein, Veal Flavour, Canola Oil, Parmesan Cheese, Salt, Pepper.


Gently Pour Pasta Into 4 Liters Of Steady Boiling Water For 12 to 15 Minutes, Salt to Taste. Add Your Favourite Sauce.


Keep Refrigerated Below 4C.

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