Akasha Brewing Company Mosaic IPA 4 x 375ml

$24.99 ea

Akasha Brewing Company Mosaic IPA

At Akasha they live and breathe beer and are passionate about making it. It's no secret they love there hops, and you'll find a shed load of them in almost every beer they brew. They are also fiercely independent at Akasha which means they don't skimp on quality ingredients, they're sourced from around the world - ensuring the tastiest, most exciting beers they can make.

Mosaic is without a doubt the favourite hop of our brewers. A shining melon and stonefruit core of flavour elevates Mosaic to the sublime, with a lean malt profile bringing the virtues of the hops to the fore. Ending on a moderately bitter finish, it’s an India Pale Ale most worthy of tribute.

Hops: Mosaic
Flavour: Citrus, Tropical, Stonefruit
ABV 6.8% 

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