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Harris Farm customers rave about our premium quality produce, superior meat, cheese and other grocery lines all with same-day delivery within Sydney.

Lettuce Iceberg Each

$3.50 ea

Strawberries Large 250g

$3.00 ea

Orange Blood Each

$0.60 ea

Dates United with Earth Medjool 454g

$6.99 ea

Apple Pink Lady Imperfect Each

$0.27 ea

Broccoli Head Each

$2.25 ea

Parsnip Imperfect Each

$0.87 ea

Snow Peas 500g

$4.50 ea

Harris Farm Guacamole 250g

$5.99 ea

Chips and Dip Bundle

$8.99 ea

Granola Breakfast Bundle

$25.00 ea

Hazeldenes Free Range Chicken Breast Fillets 1-1.5kg

$22.49 ea

Beef Yearling Brisket 1.4-3.1kg

$40.27 ea

Beef Chuck Steak 5.2-9kg

$134.91 ea

Beef Rump Steak 5-6.7kg

$167.43 ea

Beef Yearling Scotch Fillet Steaks 400-600g

$20.99 ea

Pork Leg Roast 1.2-2.8kg

$22.37 ea

Lamb Rack Bone In 650g-1.3kg

$44.19 ea

Harris Farm Leg Ham Off The Bone 125g

$6.49 ea

Barossa Fine Foods Gourmet Bacon 200g

$6.49 ea

B-B Products Prosciutto Crudo 100g

$6.49 ea

Harris Farm Smoked Ham Hock 700g-1.2kg

$8.39 ea

Lamb Shoulder Banjo Cut Bone In 1.5-2kg

$27.98 ea

Salumi Semi Dried Chorizo x2 200g

$7.99 ea

Salumi Piccante Chilli 100g

$7.99 ea