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Apple Kanzi Premium Each

$0.76 ea

Orange Valencia Organic 3kg

$8.49 ea

Cucumber Lebanese each

$0.45 ea

Tomato Truss 5 pieces

$3.68 ea

Avocados Organic Twin Pack

$3.99 ea

Avocado Hass Large Each

$1.50 ea

Potato Dutch Cream Organic min 1kg

$4.99 ea

Buk Choy Baby bunch of 2-3

$1.50 ea

Chips and Dip Bundle

$8.99 ea

Mexican Veggie Box

$35.00 ea

Little Green Kitchen Caramel Slice 300g

$6.99 ea

Don Antonio Pasta Hamper Each

$34.99 ea

Flowers Roses Yellow 10 Stem Bunch

$15.00 ea

Flowers Roses White 10 Stem Bunch

$15.00 ea

Flowers Roses Red 10 Stem Bunch

$15.00 ea

Flowers Roses Light Pink 10 Stem Bunch

$15.00 ea

Flowers Roses Orange 10 Stem Bunch

$15.00 ea

Flowers Roses Dark Pink 10 Stem Bunch

$15.00 ea

Barossa Fine Foods Sliced Turkey 100g

$4.49 ea

Tidbit Foods Prosciutto Di Parma DOP 100g

$5.99 ea

Skara Pork and Roasted Fennel Salami 100g

$4.99 ea

Barossa Fine Foods Gourmet Bacon 200g

$3.99 ea

Pork Ribs American Style 550g-1.6kg

$28.78 ea

Beef Girello Roast 1.8-2.8kg

$41.97 ea

Lamb Rack Bone In 650g-1.3kg

$41.59 ea

Pork Leg Roast 1.2-2.2kg

$17.58 ea

Lamb Boneless Leg Roast 1.5-2.1kg

$35.68 ea

Harris Farm Fresh Skin On Ocean Trout Side min 700-850g

$28.89 ea

Sea King Smoked Salmon 1kg

$23.99 ea

Fish in the Family Razor Clams in Shell min 500g

$5.00 ea

Harris Farm Ricotta Cheese 360g

$4.99 ea

Polenghi Mascarpone 250g

$4.79 ea