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Cucumber Lebanese each

$0.37 ea

Apple Royal Gala Organic 1kg

$7.49 ea

Lemon Organic 500g

$7.99 ea

Carrot Organic 1kg

$5.49 ea

Cucumber Lebanese Organic 350g

$5.99 ea

Apple Bravo Premium Each

$0.82 ea

Tomato Truss 5 pieces

$4.49 ea

Tomato Dolce Bella 200g

$3.00 ea

Lettuce Cos

$1.25 ea

Fresh Herbs Coriander bunch

$0.99 ea

Fennel Each

$1.25 ea

Buk Choy Baby bunch of 2-3

$1.66 ea

Barossa Fine Foods Gourmet Bacon 200g

$4.99 ea

The Gourmet Sausage Beef Burgers 500g

$7.99 ea

Beef Chuck Steak 4.4-5.8kg

$92.74 ea

Grass Fed Beef Girello Roast 1.8-2.8kg

$41.97 ea

Lamb Boneless Leg Roast 1.5-2.1kg

$35.68 ea

Fish in the Family Razor Clams in Shell min 500g

$7.00 ea

Fish in the Family Large Tenderised Octopus min 2.5kg

$62.48 ea

Made By Cow Cold Pressed Raw Milk 750ml

$2.49 ea

Harris Farm Ricotta Cheese 360g

$4.99 ea

La Stella Smooth Ricotta 375g

$4.99 ea

Udder Delights Goats Curd 200g

$7.99 ea

Flinders Estate Triple Cream Brie 250-350g

$10.50 ea

Havarti Cheese 250-350g

$8.75 ea

Swiss Gruyere Cheese 120-250g

$10.00 ea

Harris Farm Persian Labneh Cheese 300g

$5.99 ea

King Island Roaring 40s Blue Cheese 100-200g

$7.00 ea

Swiss Raclette Cheese 200-300g

$8.10 ea

Jarlsberg Cheese 350-450g

$9.00 ea

King Island Dairy Stokes Cove Smoked Cheddar 200-350g

$10.50 ea