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Apple Granny Smith Box 12kg

$76.50 ea

Apple Pink Lady Premium Box 12kg

$106.00 ea

Apples Royal Gala Value Range (box 12 kg)

$99.00 ea

Banana Box 12kg

$40.00 ea

Blackberries Premium Tray 12 x 125g

$67.29 ea

Blueberries 12 x 125g

$51.69 ea

Broccoli Box 8kg

$40.00 ea

Broccolini Box x12 bunches

$35.00 ea

Cabbage White Shredded 1kg

$5.99 ea

Capsicum Green box 8kg

$29.00 ea

Capsicum Red Box 10kg

$36.00 ea

Capsicum Yellow box 5kg

$36.00 ea

Carrot Bag 20 x 1kg Prepacks

$29.80 ea

Celery Box 10

$23.00 ea

Celery Diced 1kg

$7.99 ea

Coconut Drinking Box 9

$34.00 ea

Dates Case Box 5kg

$99.50 ea

Fennel Loose Box 20

$28.50 ea

Fresh Herbs Coriander 6 Bunches

$12.50 ea

Fresh Herbs Parsley Continental 6 Bunches

$15.00 ea

Lettuce Cos Baby Box 8

$18.50 ea

Lettuce Cos Baby Twin packs Box 10

$40.00 ea

Lettuce Iceberg Box 12

$27.00 ea

Mandarins Afourer Imperfect Box 9kg

$17.99 ea

Nectarine White Premium Tray

$123.29 ea

Onions Brown (box 15kg)

$22.00 ea

Onions Spanish (box 10kg)

$19.50 ea

Onions Spanish Diced 1kg

$5.49 ea

Oranges Valencia Box 15kg

$18.00 ea

Parsley Curly (6 Bunches)

$15.00 ea

PEach Yellow Large Premium Tray

$22.49 ea

Potato Brushed Bag 10kg

$14.69 ea

Pumpkin Sliced 1kg

$7.99 ea

Raspberries Tray 12

$40.50 ea

Salad Baby Spinach loose (box 3kg )

$26.00 ea

Salad Mixed loose Mesclun (box 3kg)

$25.00 ea

Strawberries Premium Tray 15

$52.50 ea

Strawberries Tray 15

$47.29 ea

Sweet Potato Diced 25mm bag 1kg

$6.99 ea

Sweet Potato Kumera Imperfect Box 18kg

$39.99 ea

Sweet Potato Sliced bag 1kg

$7.99 ea

Tomato Box 10kg

$43.50 ea

Tomato Truss Tray 5kg

$12.50 ea

Zucchini Black Imperfect Box 10kg

$28.99 ea

Zucchini Black Premium Box 10kg

$32.50 ea

Why Buy Wholesale Fruit and Vegetables from Harris Farm?

Harris Farm Markets is Sydney's largest independent grocer with over 24 stores located in NSW, we buy daily from the Sydney Markets and Aussie Farmers and deliver you the best pricing on premium Fruit and Vegetables.

How to buy Wholesale Fruit and Vegetables online

Simply add your product to your shopping basket and select the time which we deliver to the postcode that suits you. Enjoy Buying Fruit and Vegetables online from Sydney's Best Fruit and Vegetable stores direct at wholesale prices.

Please note:

Our Wholesale range is only available for deliveries within 4 days of ordering. This includes the day you place your order. Please consider these constraints when placing your order.

Buy organics online from Harris Farm Markets - Sydney's premier fresh food experts. We offer premium quality at amazing prices. Our founder David Harris knows a good deal when he sees one and he has a team of buyers hard at work sourcing your family the best quality fresh fruit and vegetables direct from our farmers and suppliers in Sydney's markets every day.