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Sonoma Honey Spice Granola 500g

$10.99 ea

Sonoma Sliced Country White Sourdough 640g

$6.49 ea

Sonoma Sliced Rye Spelt Sourdough 610g

$7.99 ea

Sonoma Spelt Maple and Almond Mulsei 500g

$13.99 ea

Sonoma Spelt Sourdough 620g

$7.99 ea

Sonoma Sprouted Rye 500g

$7.99 ea

Sonoma is synonymous with excellence. They are the original artisan sourdough bakery in Sydney known for making authentic bread. 


The Sonoma story begins with nostalgia, and Andrew and Christian Connole's father's memories of his childhood. During their father's youth, he fell in love with the local bakery in Bellata. Fueled by wonderful memories of that little country bakery, he decided spontaneously to rebuild the old bakery and house. He wanted to bake Italian wood-fired bread, and his sons decided to support their father's wish. None of them has any experience baking bread, but fueled by dedication and a fire to retrace their family history, they went on board a great pursuit: to bake great bread.


What Makes It Special?

"It takes a lot to make 1 loaf of genuine Sonoma bread."

Each loaf of genuine Sonoma sourdough bread is handcrafted using organic flour, filtered water, and fermented dough. No commercial yeast is used, only the wild yeast naturally present in the flour and the air are used resulting in bread that is richer in flavor, easier to digest, and lighter in texture. It is allowed to ferment for more than 14 hours before other ingredients are mixed in and rested. Once rested some more, the dough is shaped, allowed to rise for 12-16 hours, and again rested for half an hour. The top of the loaves are scored with their own unique patterns, and baked on the oven’s stone hearth.


Why Buy from Harris Farm Markets Online?

Having fresh bread delivered directly to your home or office saves more money and time. It is imperative that bread suppliers are able to provide the needs of their customers whenever they need them. Order your Sonoma bread now at Harris Farm Markets. Choose from our selection of the finest Sonoma bread products available.