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Beef - Eye Fillet Organic Grass Fed (150-250g) Belmore

$17.50 ea

Organic Chicken Online

Have you eaten organic meat? Organic chicken onlineย is best for your health as they come from animals which are properly taken care of.

Clean and Fresh Environment

The animals which give us organic meatย are being raised in a clean and fresh environment. They have a huge area where they can roam around. In this natural environment, these animals can obtain clean and fresh air. They eat green grass and they drink fresh water.

Free From Hormones

Organic chicken online is great as they are free from hormones. Instead of going to the market to buy your organic meat, you can now do it easily online. Animals that are injected with hormones can grow faster so the merchants can gain more profit quickly. Eating meat from animals which are injected with hormones can be harmful to our body.

Superior Taste

By choosing organic chicken online, you will be able to enjoy its superior taste. This is because these animals are given the chance to freely roam around in a fresh environment. These animals are being fed with grains without injecting any hormones. Organic meat has less fat which is good for the body. Organic meat can be obtained from farmers. Harris Farm Markets works with farmers so you can be sure that you can purchase the best quality of organic meat. We sell different types of organic meat such as organic beef, organic lamb and others. Organic meat is perfect for any occasion or for your own consumption. We sell organic chicken breast fillets (450-600g), organic chicken drumsticks (450-600g), organic chicken thigh fillets (400-650g), organic whole chicken (1.4kg-1.9kg) and many more. We can deliver your orders at your convenient time.ย