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Beef - Eye Fillet Organic Grass Fed (150-250g) Belmore

$17.50 ea

Organic Beef Online

Sometimes it’s hard to shop for organic food especially if you can’t find the one with superior quality. Most of the time, it will depend on your location. You can buy organic food from supermarkets. However, there are some people who find it too exasperating and prefer buying organic beef online


One of the greatest advantages of buying organic beef online is the convenience of having them delivered to your doorstep. There are several online stores that sell organic food. There is a huge selection that you can choose from. This is great if you want to prepare a tasty meal for your family. 

Great Selections

Aside from ordering organic beef online, you can also order other selections such as organic pork, organic chicken, organic lamb and others. Harris Farm Markets is selling different types of organic meat including organic grass fed lean mince beef (350-600g), organic grass fed eye fillet beef (220-400g) and others. We can deliver your organic beef at your convenient time. This is perfect if you are having a party at home and cannot travel to the supermarket as you are too busy.

Tastes Great

Organic beef online is also great for hamburgers as it is juicer and denser. Organic meats are also safer to eat. Organic beef are free from hormones, antibiotics and other types of chemicals. These meats come from animals which are raised in an open environment where they can obtain fresh air. If you love to eat organic beef then you can simply order them at Harris Farm Markets. Aside from putting them in your hamburgers, you can also experiment on new recipes. Harris Farm Markets offer a variety of tasty recipes.