Jumping Juice Single Vineyard Riesling VIC 750mL

$43.99 ea

Jumping Juice Single Vineyard Riesling VIC

Jumpin Juice is a project between friends and now collaborative winemakers, Patrick Sullivan and Xavier Goodridge. Both have been delivering juicy, textural and high-quality lo-fi wines made from top quality fruit.

Bio-dynamically grown Riesling from Gippsland it undergoes a long, 4 month fermentation at 12 degrees Celsius, before alcoholic fermentation is stopped, leaving 7-8gm of residual sugar.

This Riesling is fresh and complex with a wonderful minerality and flavours of ripe citrus. The acidity is well balanced with the residual sugar. Super refreshing and complex.


**Please note vintages may vary from store to store or when delivered**

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