Miso Caramel Banoffee Pie


22cm cake tin

Whisk & bowl 

Piping bag

Grater or microplane 



80g melted butter

160g digestive biscuits (crushed finely)



80g butter 

80g soft brown sugar 

1 can condensed milk 

1 tbls miso paste 


3-4 ripe bananas sliced 



600g  whipping cream - to stiff peaks 

1 tbls vanilla paste


Cocoa powder

Shaved dark chocolate 


  1. Melt first lot of butter add crush biscuits and combine, press into 22cm cake tin & set in fridge for 1hr
  2. Melt second lot of butter with brown sugar and bring to a boil, it will start to darken, add condensed milk & bring to a boil, add miso paste & caramelise until a beautiful deep golden brown
  3. Pour over the crumb base & set for at least 1 hour
  4. Cut banana how you wish & assemble over the caramel
  5. Whip cream to stiff peaks & pipe as you wish onto the banana
  6. Finish with grated chocolate & a dusting of dark cocoa
  7. Enjoy SOLO