Maggie Beer Vegetable Stock 500ml

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  • Maggie Beer Vegetable Stock 500ml | Harris Farm Online
  • Maggie Beer Vegetable Stock 500ml | Harris Farm Online


Maggie Beer


Maggie Beer a Barossa Food Tradition. Seasonal produce, picked at its peak of ripeness, is the basis of everything I do - it's all about the flavour. Good stock can transform a dish from the ordinary to the exceptional, but making it is a lengthy process. However, if time is not on your side there's no need to compromise the base of a delicious meal, so here is the stock you would have made yourself if only you did have more hours in the day! Made with a mix of slowly roasted onions and garden vegetables, fresh herbs and with the added lift of my own verjuice, this stock has a wonderful freshness of flavour making it the perfect starting point for either a hearty winter soup or as a lighter base for braising spring vegetables. It is an absolute must for cooking whole grains and dried beans or to reduce with a dash of sherry and a tiny bit of quince Paste as a totally vegetarian sauce. - Maggie

Contains Allergen



A good stock is the basis of full flavoured soups, sauces, risottos and casseroles.


Refrigerate after opening & use within 3 days or freeze leftover stock for up to 3 months & use immediately once thawed.

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