Jumping Juice Single Vineyard Grenache VIC 750mL

$43.99 ea

Jumping Juice Single Vineyard Grenache VIC

Jumpin Juice is a project between friends and now collaborative winemakers, Patrick Sullivan and Xavier Goodridge. Both have been delivering juicy, textural and high-quality lo-fi wines made from top quality fruit and could be considered amongst many to be leaders in the “natural wine”category.

These are fun, playful wines made with little to no additions and making a “smashable” wine focused on the personality of the wine as opposed to traditional varietal qualities and wines that fit into one singular classification box.

Grenache planted in the 1940’s originally for the production of Port it is now a part of the Jumping Juice project. 75% destemmed and 25% whole bunch grenache spending time in old French oak.

This is light and juicy with a lovely savoury and earthy element and gentle tannins. The acidity compliments the flavours of toffee apple and raspberry.


**Please note vintages may vary from store to store or when delivered**

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