The Healthy Baker - Plain Flour (1kg)

$3.29 ea
  • The Healthy Baker - Plain Flour (1kg)
  • The Healthy Baker - Plain Flour (1kg)
  • The Healthy Baker - Plain Flour (1kg)

The Healthy Baker - Self Raising Flour (1kg)

THE HEALTHY BAKER flours are milled from premium 100 per cent GMO-free Australian wheat – carefully selected, triple-sifted, unbleached and enriched with vitamins and minerals – by 100 per cent Australian flour miller, Manildra Group.

For more than 65 years, the family-owned Manildra Group has produced a full range of superior baking products with the finest Australian ingredients and world-class technologies.

THE HEALTHY BAKER flours are produced at Australia’s biggest flour mill – our state-of-the-art flagship facility at Manildra, in the heart of the Central West wheatbelt of New South Wales.

Our farmers’ 100% Australian wheat

Manildra Group proudly partners with thousands of Australian farming families across the New South Wales wheatbelt to produce 100 per cent Australian flours.

These partnerships – some spanning the full six decades and three generations of our family company’s history – from the foundations of our vision to bring the best Australian ingredients to the world table.

The Healthy Baker Plain Flour

Prized by bakers for its ‘lighter than air’ texture and consistency, our triple-sifted, unbleached and nutritionally fortified premium Plain Flour is ideal for everyday baking – such as sponges, biscuits, small cakes, and lunch box classics like muffins and slices – or for use in cooking, coating and crumbing meats, and as a thickener for sauces and gravies.

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