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Ablas Pastries Mixed Baclava 300g

Product of Australia

$0.00 ea

Almonds Dry Roasted 500g HFM

Product of Australia

$6.99 ea

Almonds Smoked 400g Harris Farm

Product of Australia

$6.99 ea

Anchovy Spiced Herrings 550g Viking

Product of Australia

$7.99 ea

Angelo Mackerel 125g

Product of Australia

$2.99 ea

Apricots Dried (min 200g)

Product of Turkey

$2.60 ea


Sometimes if you purchase your groceries from your local supermarket or grocery stores you have to wait in long lines, carry your heavy groceries toward your car and unload them upon reaching your home. You can avoid all of these by ordering your groceries online. This is the easiest, safest and most convenient way of doing your shopping. It can save you time, energy and money for the gas.

Online Grocery Stores

There are a lot of online stores that offer grocery deliveries online. Harris Farm Markets can deliver your groceries at your convenient time. They sell different variety of groceries on their website and all you have to do is to click the item that you need and pay. After ordering your groceries will be delivered to the address that you provide.

Avoid Spending Beyond Your Budget

If it is your first time ordering online then the tendency is getting too excited. However, if you want to avoid overspending then you should constantly check your total amount. It is usually displayed at the bottom of all the items that you ordered. If you find that the groceries that you order are already beyond your budget then you can cancel some items that are not too important.

Special Deals

Look for online grocery stores that are offering discounts and special deals in order to save more money. At Harris Farm Markets, we always offer discounts and online specials that are carefully picked by our founder, David Harris. This is one of the most sensible things that you can do especially if you have a limited budget. Harris Farm Markets sells groceries such as Harris Farm Coffee Dolce Esp Beans (250g), Madura Teabag greens (50's), Crisco Peanut Oil (750ml) and many more.