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Beef Burgers (min 500g)

$10.00 ea

Fresh Meat Delivered

With lives getting busier then they have ever been before, we are looking for convenience at every chance we can. Nowadays, why waste time shopping for the meat you need for meals, when you can order online from your home or office an have fresh meat delivered direct to your doorstep. 

Quality and Convenience

At Harris Farm Markets, our family have been delivering the best quality products to all their customers for more than 40 years of operation. Now Harris Farm Markets allow their customers the convenience of ordering online. You can guarantee that the meat products that you purchase are delivered fresh in one of the best delivery systems in Sydney. There are various online stores that sell meat but when it comes to quality Harris Farm Markets is the best. One of the main advantages of having your fresh meat delivered is the convenience. The most convenient of shopping is online, choosing the meat you want to buy. This process can be done in the comfort of your own home any time, this way saving valuable time for other duties. 

Varieties of Meat

A main benefit to why customers should buy meat online is that there is a wide range of meat products available to online users. This is also another reason why you should aim to have your fresh meat delivered. Harris Farm Markets sell different cuts of pork, chicken, lamb, beef and others. Customers that plan to have a barbecue grill party have no need to travel to local meat shops anymore, just order them online.