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Bacon - Rindless Premium (250g) Blackforest

$7.49 ea

Bacon - Shortcut Smoked (200g) Pialligo

$7.99 ea

Bacon - Smoked Streaky (200g) Pialligo

$7.99 ea

Deli - New York Pastrami (125g) Pastoral

$2.99 ea

German Liverwurst (200g) Burgomaster

$4.29 ea

Ham - Double Smoked Portion (700g-1.25kg) Pastoral

$21.24 ea

Ham - Smoked Hock (700g-1.2kg)

$13.19 ea

Pork & Veal - Mince (500g) Hilltop

$5.99 ea

Pork - American Style Ribs (600g-1.1kg) BE Campbell

$24.19 ea

Pork - Belly (600-900g)

$13.49 ea

Pork - Belly - Free Range (750g-1kg) Valenca

$20.99 ea

Pork - Belly Strips - Free Range (400-800g) Valenca

$18.39 ea

Pork - Cutlets - Free Range (300-500g) Valenca

$11.00 ea

Pork - Diced (200-400g) Bangalow Sweet Pork

$7.20 ea

Pork - Diced - Free Range (400-600g) Valenca

$10.19 ea

Pork - Fillet (250-550g)

$10.99 ea

Pork - Leg Roast (1.3kg-2kg) Hilltop

$21.98 ea

Pork - Leg Roast (1.6kg-2.5kg)

$27.48 ea

Pork - Leg Roast - Free Range (1.7kg-2.3kg) Valenca

$29.88 ea

Pork - Loin (1.5kg-2.2kg)

$37.38 ea

Pork - Loin Chop - Free Range (300-600g) Valenca

$12.59 ea

Pork - Loin Chops (300-500g) Hilltop

$10.00 ea

Pork - Loin Chops - Free Range (250-450g) Valenca

$9.00 ea

Pork - Loin Steak (350-550g) Valenca

$13.19 ea

Pork - Loin Steaks (300-450g) Hilltop

$10.35 ea

Pork - Loin Steaks - Free Range (300-500g) Valenca

$11.50 ea

Pork - Medallions (150-350g) Berkshire

$9.80 ea

Pork - Mince Free Range (500g) Valenca

$5.00 ea

Pork - Neck Roast (700g-1.4kg)

$19.59 ea

Pork - Oyster Shoulder (1.7kg-2.5kg) Curious Cuts

$24.98 ea

Pork - Schnitzel - Free Range (400-600g) Valenca

$11.39 ea

Pork - Scotch (200-400g) Valenca

$8.00 ea

Pork - Scotch Steaks - Free Range (300-500g) Valenca

$9.00 ea

Pork - Shoulder Roast (1.4kg-2.3kg)

$18.38 ea

Pork - Shoulder Roast (1.6kg-2.4kg) Valenca

$28.78 ea

Pork - Spare Rib (200-400g) Bangalow Sweet Pork

$8.40 ea

Pork - Spare Ribs (250-450g) Berkshire

$9.00 ea

Sausages - Pork & Fennel (400-600g) Joe Papandrea

$11.39 ea

Sausages - Pork & Honey (500g) Farm Foods

$5.29 ea

Sausages - Pork Classic (500g) Farm Foods

$0.00 ea

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Shopping online is now a popular trend. In fact, you can even buy pork online. A lot of people are feeling at ease with the idea of buying their meat online. There is no need for them to leave home to buy meat whenever they want to invite people for a dinner. Different people have different reasons why they choose to buy their meat online.

Price of Meat

If you compare the prices of meat that are being sold online, to the ones which are sold in supermarkets, you will notice that it is cheaper to buy pork online. The reason behind this is the products which are sold online are sourced from the growers and farmers. Since there is no middle man who is involved they can lower the price offered. This is one of the main reasons why consumers prefer to buy pork online.

Huge Variety

Online stores are offering a wide range of meat compared to your local meat shops. The list of meat options at Harris Farm Markets is endless. If you want to make a cost-effective choice then you should buy pork online.

Quality and Quantity

At Harris Farm Markets, we provide you with the best quality of meat as they are carefully picked by our expert team. When you order your meat, we guarantee you that we will deliver the accurate quantity. We also offer discounts and special deals to all our consumers; hence it can be worthwhile to buy pork online at your trusted online store such as Harris Farm Markets. Our pork varieties include pork leg roasts, pork shoulder roasts, pork cutlets, pork neck roasts and many more.