The Bare Bird Antibiotic Free Chicken Breasts 450-750g

$15.74 ea

The Bare Bird Chicken Breast Fillets


100% antibiotic free means that The Bare Birds never receive any kinds of antibiotics at any stage in their lifecycle.

The World Health Organization is concerned with the rising levels of antibiotic resistance.  The less we are exposed to antibiotics, the more effective they will be when we need them.


The Bare Birds are raised on a vegetarian diet of seeds, grains and legumes, with no animal by-products added, ever!

When chicken eat protein derived from meat products, they consume saturated fats, which deposit in and around the skin and leaf fat. When chickens are raised on a plant-based diet, they consume unsaturated fats, which marble through the meat. This means that the chicken meat is more tender and succulent.  Of course The Bare Birds are free to forage outside naturally during the daylight hours, eating grasses, seeds, and insects.

Try it. You be the Judge!


The Bare Birds are raised on accredited free range farms.  Well what does that mean?

Our free-range farms have been accredited by the Free Range Egg & Poultry Association (FREPA) to ensure that they meet their standards.  These standards have been designed to create ‘a non stressful environment for the birds‘. 

The standards also put regulation in place in relation to outdoor ranging, feeding, lighting, stocking densities, transportation and a whole lot more.  You can find out more about these standards by heading to the FREPA website.   

The Bare Birds are brought indoors overnight to protect them from predators and the elements and during this time they are housed in large barns where they have access to their vegetarian feed and water.


This product is a variable weight product, so the relevant quote is the $/kg price:

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  • When we select the product in store, we will weigh it and refund you for the difference between the weight paid and the actual weight received.

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