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Proper Meat Box

$49.00 ea

Our small meat box contains fresh Australian meats from Aussie family farms*. Steak , mince, bacon, sausages and chicken. All your favourite versatile proteins in a box! Perfect for 1-2 people.




Hazeldene's Chicken Thighs 500g-750g
Tara Valley Beef Mince 500g
Tara Valley Beef Oyster Blade 400-500g
Peppercorn Beef Sausages 450g
Black Forest Premium Wood Smoked English Bacon 500g


Tara Valley: Tara Valley is a registered brand of Pacific Meat Sales, a 100% family owned and operated Australian business. Tara Valley specialises in the supply of high quality 100% Australian grass fed beef and veal, sourced from our farms located across Victoria in the Goulburn valley, Western Districts, Victorian Highlands, Gippsland, and the Surf Coast regions. The result is a tasty juicy tender experience.

Golden Cockerel: Golden Cockerel Pty Ltd was formed in 1972 and is owned jointly by two families, the Benfers and the Elks, who have been involved in the poultry industry for three generations. At Golden Cockerel we believe the customer must be provided with products and service of the highest quality and with consistency unmatched by our competitors. Chickens in the Australian industry are grown to the requirements of Australian Code of Practice for Welfare of Animals.
The poultry houses where we grow the chickens are environmentally managed so that the chickens are not exposed to climatic extremes and can roam freely throughout the house. Meat chickens are not grown in cages in the Australian Industry.

PeppercornBack in 1997, one butcher could sense our attitudes to food were shifting: that we wanted to eat healthier, without sacrificing flavour. From his butcher’s shop in Neutral Bay, NSW, he started Peppercorn The Good Food Company, making three varieties of gourmet, extra-lean sausages that were low in fat and salt. They were hearty and heart-friendly. Fast forward to today and the original Peppercorn Extra Lean Range has been joined by a Butcher’s Range and now includes burgers and meatballs. Both ranges are made with real ingredients you’d cook with yourself. Naturally delicious, they use no artificial colours or flavours. We are 100% Australian owned. All of our products are made from Australian meat and fresh produce.


 *The Box pictured is for illustration purposes and may contain different/varying products. Contents will change due to current market availability. Serving boards are not included. Please note that majority of meat is Australian however some products are not 100% Australian.



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