Golden Falafel Sesame Falafel 180g

$5.29 ea
  • Golden Falafel Sesame Falafel | Harris Farm Online
  • Golden Falafel Sesame Falafel | Harris Farm Online

Golden Falafel Sesame Falafel


Creates great tasting falafels packed with natural, fresh and nutritious ingredients. We believe that healthiness is one of the keys to happiness. That is why Golden Falafel has introduced the trans fat free falafel, the ultimate vegetarian experience to delight your heart as much as your tastebuds.



Trans fats are bad for your heart. The trans fats found in some deep-fried and processed foods are artificially produced using a process called hydrogenation to solidify liquid oils.Trans fats raise the risk of coronary disease by increasing the amount of bad LDL cholesterol in your system while lowering the level of good HDL cholesterol that protects against heart disease. Health authorities encourage people to reduce their intake of trans fats.

The Golden Falafel alternative
At Golden Falafel we don’t believe in compromising on health or taste. Our trans fat free products are 100% fresh with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. When you bite into one of our delicious falafels you can be confident knowing it is:

  • Full of energy, protein and high in dietary fibre
  • Flavoured with freshly prepared herbs and spices
  • Free from egg, gluten, dairy and yeast.There are so many good reasons to choose Golden Falafel – great taste is just one of them.


Delicious with wraps, sandwiches or as a side dish, starter, finger food or main meal with salads and dips.

Simply pan fry or microwave each falafel for 20 seconds.

Chickpeas, Broad Beans, Sesame (%10), Carrot, Parsley, Garlic, Salt, Onion, Seasonal Vegetables, Citric Acid, Bi-Carb Soda, Vinegar, Rice Brand Oil & Spices.

Kosher (Certified by Kashrut Authority)

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