The Laughing Cow Cheez Dippers 4pk 140g

$5.49 ea

The Laughing Cow Cheez Dippers

The Laughing Cow Cheez Dippers are the perfect snack for your family. Each pack includes four tasty dippers made with a creamy cheese spread and crunchy breadsticks. Serve as a snack or as an appetizer - they are sure to be a hit!


Processed Cheese (71.4%): Rehydrated Skimmed Milk, Cheeses (Milk, Salt, Lactic Acid Bacteria, Microbial Rennet (Non-Animal Rennet)), Butter, Milk Calcium Concentrate, Milk Protein, Emulsifying Salt (452), Dairy Lactic Concentrate, Breadsticks (28.6%): Wheat Flour (86%), Sunflower Oil, Barley Malt, Salt, Yeast 


Gluten, Wheat, Milk


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