Perustija - Ajvar Homemade - Green (560g)

$7.49 ea
  • Perustija - Ajvar Homemade - Green (560g)
  • Perustija - Ajvar Homemade - Green (560g)

Perustija - Ajvar Homemade - EXTRA Spicy (560g)

The Ajvar!

Word AJVAR and caviar probably have a common origin from the Turkish word havyar, indicating luxury and gourmet dining. No wonder ajvar and caviar etymological meet themself, because in both cases is a particularly special and delicious food. Recipes for the preparation of AJVAR are numerous, but only from roasted and manually peeled peppers deserve the epithet of top gastronomy. Our Ajvar is prepared exactly that way, by “the recipe from Grandma”


  No added preservatives
  No artificial colors
  Product packed fresh
  Traditional homemade recipe

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