Nekta - Liquid Kiwifruit with Aloe Vera (1L)

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Nekta - Liquid Kiwifruit with Aloe Vera (1L)

NEKTA Liquid Kiwifruit uses Kiwifruit solely grown in New Zealand, fruit recognised as setting the  standard in quality, flavour and nutritional value. We developed a process for turning this beautiful fruit into a satisfying, refreshing fruit drink, protecting the taste, and ensuring much of the natural goodness is retained. This distinguishes Nekta Liquid Kiwifruit from fruit juices, which are made from extracted juices only.  With Nekta, the fruit is in the bottle.

Nekta uses all the flesh of the fruit, with the rich nutritional value it delivers.

Using the Original Kiwifruit base, the nutritional value is enhanced by Aloe Vera. Called 'The Miracle Plant' Aloe has been used for therapeutic purposes for centuries. Today it is still one of the most widely used plant extracts for healing, cleansing the inner body and beautifying the skin. Aloe is itself rich in vitamins and minerals, reinforcing the value of the kiwifruit base, and contains all 8 Essential Amino acids. It helps rebuild collagen to repair damaged cells in the lining of our stomach and intestines, soothing and healing, as well as assisting system regularity, cleansing the colon of heavy metals, and boosting the immune system.

We use only high quality, organic Aloe. Nekta Kiwifruit with Aloe Vera has a soft, smooth finish without the astringent taste often associated with Aloe Vera.

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