Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions harris farm online



1. How do you keep my products fresh?

We have a "fresh from the farm" policy and one of the fastest logistics systems in Australia. Coupled with that, our staff are trained to pick the best products we have in store because we know you would if you were doing the shopping yourself! Your order is packed securely, separating room temperature and cold-chain items to ensure the best quality. It is then kept in optimal conditions until delivery to your home.


2. What if products are out of stock?

    If we cannot service an item in your order we will give you a call and offer to replace it. If we cannot offer a suitable replacement, we will refund you for any products not delivered. If you do not wish for substitutions, leave a request in the comments section of your order.

    If we can't reach you, the delivery note contained in your order will list all the products you've bought, and mark any substitutions you have received or products that need to be refunded due to lack of availability.


    3. What happens if I am not happy with some of the products in my delivery?

    If you are not satisfied with the quality of the products we deliver, we will more than happily refund the value of the product/s upon presentation of your order number. When your order is delivered you also may return any item and receive a full refund. To request a refund of an order or a particular product, please contact our customer service team at: within 2 days.


    4. What if I'm not home during the scheduled delivery time?

    When your order leaves the store, you'll be sent a notification and be able to track your delivery. This tracking link will have an option for you to give permission to leave your delivery unattended. If you don't want your delivery to be left unattended, and you don't think you'll be home to receive your scheduled delivery (or, you miss your delivery) please call Harris Farm Markets on (02) 9394 3111 to organise a different time slot, at least two hours in advance. 


    5. What if I need something that you don’t have on your website?

    If there are any products you'd like to purchase online, please email your requests to and we will do our best to range the products for you. 


    6. Where can I direct my requests, feedback and queries?

      If you have any feedback or ideas, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at


      7. What forms of payment do you accept?

      If ordering online, you can pay using your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal or ZipPay. For transactions in store, you can pay with Cash, Eftpos (Giftcards) and Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

      For Paypal payments, please ensure your Paypal address. 


      8. Do you deliver to my area / postcode?

        Our current delivery areas/postcodes are listed in the live delivery location map which you can access here:


        9. You don’t deliver to my area yet, will you start doing so?

          We are looking to expand our service area. Please shoot an email to with your postcode suggestion and we'll do our best to open our service to your area.


          10. Do you sell bulk quantities / wholesale?

          Yes, those items are listed on the Wholesale tab which can be accessed here as well For large wholesale enquiries, please send an email to


          11. How are your fruit and vegetables packaged when they are delivered?

          Fruit and vegetables are carefully hand packed in boxes. Loose items, however, like beans, are bagged. We make an effort to minimise the use of plastic bags and plastic packaging for online orders.


          12. Is it possible to place an order online and pick it up from one of the stores (Click & Collect)?

          Unfortunately, we are not offering a click and collect option at this stage.


          13. Why are some products sold in the retail stores not online?

          There could be some retail products that are “one-off” items and are not intended for online retail. However, if you are after some items usually sold in-store, please send us an email to and we’ll endeavour to have it ranged online.


          14. How do I redeem my online discount code / online gift card?

          Discount codes or gift cards are not automatically applied so please enter the codes in the Discounts and Gift Card sections on the payment page of the checkout.


          15. My online discount code / online gift card code is not working, what should I do?

          Online discount codes or online gift cards are not automatically applied so please make sure that the “APPLY” button next to it is clicked after entering the code and it will show a confirmation message if it’s successful. If it gives you an error, please check if the code is correct and if it’s is still valid by checking the expiry date which is most often at the bottom of the email sent out. Otherwise, you may contact us on 9394 3111 ext 1 for Customer Service or send an email to for further assistance. 


          16. How do I see the country of origins for each product?

          In Australia, you are required to identify the country of origin for all fresh products. Unless otherwise noted in the product description.


          17. How do I start shopping?

          Firstly, create an account and log in. Then, you can shop per category (In Season, Fruit, Vegies, Grocery, Butcher, Fish, Organic, Wholesale) or you can also use the search bar on the upper right portion of the page.


          18. How do I log in?

          To log in, you need to click on “LOG IN” at the top right portion of the page. Once clicked, it will prompt you to enter your email address and your password.


          19. I have forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

          To reset your password, ensure you're logged in then head to and enter your email. You will be sent an email with a reset password link.


          20. I’m done adding all the items to my cart, how do I pay or proceed to checkout?

          You will need to click on “CART” on the very top right of the page. Once you’re in your cart, you will need click on Proceed to Checkout. Then, you will be brought to a page where you need to enter your billing/shipping details. Once you fill out shipping address, proceed to payment method, fill in your details then select your preferred delivery date, time and window. If you have Gift Card or Discount Code, you can apply on this page. Then, click on Continue To Payment, you need to enter Payment details and finally click on complete your order.


          21. I want to put some instructions / requests for my order, how do I do this?

          You can add special notes or instructions for your order while you’re in Delivery Address page. For any immediate requests though, we would suggest that you contact us on 9394 3111 ext 1 for Customer Service or send an email to for further assistance. 


          22. I’m in my cart but I don’t see where I can pay or proceed to checkout, what do I do?

          You will need to select your preferred delivery date, delivery type and time slot before the option to check out becomes available. 


          23. I can see the option to proceed to checkout but why can’t I select a delivery date, time and window?

          This may be due to a technical problem with the browser you’re using. Try to reload the page by clicking on the Harris Farm Markets logo at the top and click on cart again. If it is still the same, we would highly recommend that you save your shopping list at this point to avoid losing your current items. Once your list has been saved, you can then try to close your browser and either use the same one or use a different browser before proceeding to checkout again. For further assistance, please contact us on 9394 3111 ext 1 for Customer Service or send an email to


          24. How do I save my shopping list?

          To save a shopping list, you need to be logged in. Once you’re in your cart, there's an option in to “Save List” above the very first item. You need to click on it and you will be asked to name the list.


          25. How do I view my saved shopping list?

          To view a shopping list, you need to be logged in. A drop-down list showing “Shopping Lists” can be accessed on the bar across the top left of the page.


           26. How do I update delivery address (for future orders)?

          Go to your account settings, then click on “View Addresses” on the left side of the page. Here you can delete and add a new address for your future deliveries. If you want a delivery you placed sent to a different address, give us a call on 9394 3111 (ext. 1).


          27. Why can’t I change the email address for my account?

          You will need to send us an email to if you would like to change the email address linked to your account. Please remember that although your email is changed, the password would still be the same.


          28. How do I modify/cancel my order?

          To reschedule your order, please contact our customer service team. We're only able to reschedule orders to available delivery windows (these are ones shown on the website at the time of rescheduling). To cancel orders, you would need to contact us on 9394 3111 ext 1 for Online Customer Service or send an email to


          29. I need to add some items to my order, how do I do that?

          Due to the volume of orders currently, we are unable to add any items to your order after it is placed. 


          30. How do I know if my delivery is on time/ when my delivery will come within my time slot?

          When your order is dispatched from the store, you will be sent a notification and be able to track your delivery. This will provide an estimated time of arrival for your order. You can check the tracking link at any time to see the status of your order. Please note the ETA is calculated at the time your order is dispatched.


          31. How much does delivery cost? Can I get free delivery?

          Head over to our Delivery page to see the full details on delivery costs. Check out how to take advantage of our FREE delivery options on our Promotions page.


          32. Can I return the box from my online delivery?

          Yes, just hand the delivery driver the box from your last order.