Fresh Herbs Coriander Pot Each

$3.50 ea
  • Fresh Herbs Coriander Pot Each | Harris Farm Online
  • Coriander Herb Pot | Harris Farm Online
  • Fresh Herbs Coriander Pot Each

Coriander Herb Pot

Coriander has high concentrations of carotenoids, which are a good source of vitamin A. A distinct lively flavour with a robust citrus undertone. Use stems and leaves.

For maximum flavour use fresh or add to a finished dish. Chicken, fish, curries, beef, pork, stir fry vegetables, mango, pineapple, dates, oranges, noodles, mussel, tofu, avocado, Asian style salads.

Having a few pots of fresh living herbs on your kitchen bench or windowsill will guarantee you have a healthy flavour booster readily on hand to enrich your weekly meals. Snip herbs as needed to add a super boost of ultra freshness, increase the antioxidant levels and boost the nutritional value of meals.

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