Lilydale Raised Slow Chicken 1.6-1.9kg

$19.00 ea

Lilydale Raised Slow Chicken

Lilydale Raised Slow Wholebird is a Specialty Breed for a more succulent taste. Raised without antibiotics with no added hormones and no added growth promotants.

At Lilydale, chickens are raised by farmers who really care about their welfare. They are fed a nutritious diet and – once adequately feathered at around 21 days – can leave their barns during daylight hours and access fenced outdoor range areas, shade huts, hay bales and ramps. Many chickens are content with the comforts of their barn but during an average day and dependent on conditions like the weather, some chickens will venture out and return at their leisure. Their commitment to free range farming as helped us to provide Australians with quality, great tasting chickens since 2002.

- Raised without Antibiotics.
- No added hormones.
- No added growth promotants.
- Australian grown.


This product is variable weight. The actual weight of the product can vary between the weights shown.

When you place your order you will be charged the price of the upper weight, however when your order is picked we will update the actual weight and price and refund any discrepancies.

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