Dewlands Pineapple Juice 1L

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  • Dewlands Pineapple Juice 1L



Product Claims

No Added Sugars Or Preservatives


From the heart of the Cape fruit orchards we bring you Dewlands Fruit Juices, a premium product that is skilfully blended using only the finest quality fruit juice ingredients. Experience the authentic taste and bouquet of Pineapple and Grape Juice. - Fruit Juice Blend- With Added Vitamin C- No Added Sugar- Preservative Free


Ingredients Made from Concentrate. Pineapple Juice (54%), Grape Juice (46%), Vitamin C


Fruit Juices. The taste of pineapple juice. Pineapple and Grape fruit juice blend. No added sugars or preservatives. Blended with grape juice.


Shake well


Keep refrigerated once opened

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