Bailly Lapierre Pinot Noir Brut Cremant de Bourgogne France Case 12x750ml

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  • Bailly Lapierre - Pinot Noir Brut | Harris Farm Online
  • Bailly Lapierre - Pinot Noir Brut | Harris Farm Online

Bailly Lapierre - Pinot Noir Brut - Cre'mant de Bourgogne, France

A “Blanc de Noirs”, this is Bailly Lapierre’s hallmark wine –a white made from black Pinot Noir grapes. In our villages, we love to make our sparkle and bubbles from this great variety which is so wonderfully at home here. A Crémant of great character, its style full, deep and powerful, with a fruitiness in the mouth that conjures up a red...

• hand-picked grapes

• transport of the harvest in open-sided bins of 45kgs to eliminate any damage to the berries

• airbag presses

• must obtained on the basis of 100 litres of juice from 150kgs of harvest: 75% first pressing, 25% second or later pressings

• both yeast and malolactic fermentations carried out, blending of separately-made wines, then preparations for bottling that is carried out after January 1st

• extended maturing, 16-18 months on average, bottles inverted on racks in the unvarying natural cool and half-light of the underground cellars hewn out of the limestone bedrock. It is during this period that the wine’s natural sparkle develops

• two-stage certification by the INAO (Institut National de l’Origine et de la Qualité): first the base wines, then the finished wines off the racks.


**Please note vintages may vary from store to store or when delivered**

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