Fish4Ever Anchovy In Olive Oil 95g

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  • Fish4Ever Anchovy In Olive Oil 95g
  • Fish 4 Ever Anchovy In Olive Oil 95g , Grocery-Can or Jar - HFM, Harris Farm Markets
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  • Fish4Ever Anchovy In Olive Oil 95g

Fish4Ever - Anchovy Fillets - In Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil

Our award winning anchovies, processed in a small factory by hand, left to mature in large vats filled with sea salt and then packed 6 to 8 months later in a local green and fruity extra virgin organic olive oil.


the fillets are very fine, not bony or harsh.  Salted for 6 months in big vats of hand harvested Trapani sea salt to preserve and then decanted and packed individually into jars in which we add a local organic olive oil.   The oil we use is typically Sicilian –green, fruity and spicy – and being organic it is of course an extra virgin oil from the first cold pressing.

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