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We believe Regenerative Agriculture is the one major thing we can do to remove carbon from the atmosphere and have a positive impact on climate change.With healthier soil we’ll have healthier food which means a healthier you and planet. The Greater Goodness really starts with great soil.

What is regen?

Regenerative Agriculture (a.k.a. Regen), works with nature rather than against it. ‘Regen’ is all about leaving the land better than you found it.

Regen is the future: a collection of highly adaptable practices, that when performed together, make for healthier, happy soil, food, humans, farmers and planet.

Why regen?

We want to be part of the climate solution.
To do that, we need to clue you in on the cause. Throughout our (almost) 50 years, we've always been about The Greater Goodness. Not only does Regen influence the food industry, but it's also the answer to climate change.

helping you support regenerative farming helping you support regenerative farming

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“We want Regen Agriculture for our suppliers. We want it for our customers, for our nation, but we realised healthy soils starts at home…”
- David and Cathy Harris

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