We're proud to support our local Sydney growers like Hawkesbury Blooms. John can pick flowers today, and in just two days, they'll be in our stores - talk about speed dating! You won't find fresher flowers unless you decide to become a florist or grow them yourself.


We love to offer a wide variety of products, so we stock a lot of flowers that you won't find in your average florist or supermarket. We're talking exotic blooms that will make you feel like you're on a tropical vacation, minus the piña colada. Don't be a wallflower, come on down to your local Harris Farm and let us help you add some color to your life!

We've got a squad of green-thumbed superheroes at Harris Farm Markets who eat, sleep, and talk to their plant babies. These Harris Farmers are the real deal when it comes to flowers, and they're ready to help you turn your home into a bloomin' paradise!


Ready to take your floral game to the next level? We've got some juicy insider tips that will have you arranging the perfect bouquet like a boss and keeping those flowers looking fresh for days.