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Dave's Market Picks Fruit and Veg Box

$55.00 ea

Dave's Market Picks Fruit and Veg Box XL

$80.00 ea

Organic Fruit and Veg Box

$55.00 ea

Pomegranate Each

$3.00 ea

Pear Josephine Each

$0.75 ea

Passionfruit 10ea in net

$4.99 ea

Avocado Imperfect min 600g

$2.99 ea

Apple Fuji Organic 1kg

$5.99 ea

Grapes Red Seedless Organic 500g

$5.99 ea

Pumpkin Jap Each

$3.96 ea

Pumpkin Jap Cut min 900g

$1.86 ea

Potato Dutch Cream Organic min 1kg

$5.49 ea

Beans Organic min 250g

$6.99 ea

Carrot Medium 1kg

$1.49 ea

Harris Farm Markets Magazine

$2.99 ea

Wine Mixed 3 Pack

$40.00 ea

Cleaver's Organic Chicken Nuggets 300g

$8.99 ea

Dandy Economy Bacon 1kg

$4.99 ea

Pork Loin 1.4-2.4kg

$21.58 ea

Norsk Norwegian Smoked Salmon 500g

$12.99 ea

Flinders Estate Camembert Cheese 200g

$4.69 ea

Havarti Cheese 250g-350g

$8.75 ea

Heidi Farm Swiss Gruyere Cheese 180g-280g

$11.20 ea

Rocinante Spanish Cabra Goat Cheese 200g-350g

$12.95 ea

Ahoy Nuts Smooth Organic Peanut Butter 375g

$3.50 ea

Almo Unsweetend Australian Almond Milk 1L

$3.99 ea

Barilla Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce 400g

$2.49 ea

Barilla Basilico Pasta Sauce 400g

$2.49 ea

Barilla Bolognese Pasta Sauce 400g

$2.49 ea

Barilla Farfalle N.65 500g

$1.69 ea

Barilla Fusilli N.98 500g

$1.69 ea

Barilla Linguine N.13 500g

$1.69 ea

Barilla Olive Pasta Sauce 400g

$2.49 ea

Barilla Penne Lisce N.71 500g

$1.69 ea

Barilla Penne Rigate N.73 500g

$1.69 ea