Latteria Soresina Butter 250g

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  • Latteria Soresina Butter | Harris Farm Online
  • Latteria Soresina Butter | Harris Farm Online

Latteria Soresina Butter

Butter has a really antique origin that goes back to 1.500 years B. C., in India. Still nowadays butter is obtained from the best milk or whey cream.

Of course the freshness of this simple ingredient is essential: the less is the time between the cream production and its processing, the less are the required treatments and the better will be the obtained butter. Then the pasteurization and ripening help to refine the organoleptic qualities of the product.

Not only the freshness, but also the cream pasteurization, its multiple washing and the lactic ferments addition are “ingredients” that make the recipe of Soresina unique.

Thanks to the daily milk collection, Latteria Soresina is able to apply this technique with method and knowledge, in order to offer always good products. The block of butter comes from the selection of the best milk and whey cream.

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