Banana Eco 5 pieces

$6.99 ea
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Eco Bananas

The Ecoganic™ farming system produces a fruit that has a sweeter creamier flavour and a denser texture giving it a longer shelf life. All Ecoganic™ fruit is dipped in a specific food grade wax which is non-toxic, safe and recyclable.

Pacific Coast Eco Bananas are an Australian owned and grown product. Our Ecoganic™ Certified group of growers consist of 6 family owned farms producing over 1000 acres of Eco Bananas (also known as “wax tips”).

Ecoganics™ is very similar to the way produce was grown years ago, long before the reliance on insecticides, pesticides, and fertilizers was created. Ecoganic™ farming builds and strengthens the farm ecosystem. We have discovered that mother nature has generously provided all the natural resources we need to grow a healthy crop, sustain a healthy lifestyle and protect the future for our family and yours.

A good source of potassium and fibre with some vitamin C, folate, and vitamin B6. They are best stored at room temperature.

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