Papillon Roquefort Blue Cheese 250g

$2.99 ea

PaPillon Roquefort Blue Cheese

Papillon Roquefort is made to strict A.O.C conditions. The mould harvested yearly from Rye bread gives the cheese is distinct texture unlike Roquefort made from liquid culture.

Unpasteurised ewe’s milk is heated then the rennet is added before being cultured with penicillium roqueforti spores.

After the mandatory draining in which the cheeses are turned five times a day, they are then transported to the Fleurines. The Fleurines are natural caves that provide the perfect microclimate for aging cheese, all the world’s Roquefort is aged here.

Roquefort’s natural rind should be shiny, with the interior richly marbled with bluey-green mould. The flavour is delicate and sweet with a rich-buttery, slightly spicy finish.

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