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Christmas Ham Crescents with Spiced Mango Dipping Sauce

These great as a starter or finger food, if you’re planning to entertain beyond Christmas Day are a perfect way to use u... Read more

Christmas Ham with Honey-Glazed Carrots

Ingredients Pastoral Double Smoked Ham Portion or Pastoral Half Leg of Ham (Bone In) Dutch carrots (mixed colours) 3 ... Read more

Christmas Leg Ham

Christmas Leg Ham Pastoral Smallgoods are an award winning boutique Sydney manufacturer of hams and other small goods.T... Read more

Good Friday Green Tea & Miso Salmon

Ingredients: 4 fresh salmon fillets 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 4-5cm piece of ginger, finely chopped 1 tsp se... Read more

Grape Tomatoes and Ham Tart

Sweet flavoured grape tomatoes teamed with their natural partner ham make a perfect combination in this easy to make cre... Read more

Green Eggs (and Ham) on Toast

This method for cooking eggs prevents the unsightly grey ring around the yolk. Adding bicarb soda into the cooking water ... Read more

Ham and Potato Soup

This warming ham and potato soup is an easy and a quicker version that you don’t have to cook for hours. It uses ready ... Read more

Harris Family Glazed Ham

Pastoral Smallgoods are an award winning boutique Sydney manufacturer of hams and other smallgoods. Try their award winni... Read more

Healthy Glaze Ideas

Made with whole fruit and a good measure of festive spices, these Christmas Ham Glaze ideas thanks to the Wholesome Cook ... Read more

Imperfect Fresh Juices

Our Imperfect Picks may be imperfectly shaped but they are perfectly suited for juicing. The art to the perfect freshly s... Read more

Lamb Shanks

Wet weather calls for warm, comforting dinners. What could be better than succulent, fall-apart tender lamb shanks? The ... Read more

Mango Bellini

Ingredients 1 mango, peeled, flesh removed and roughly chopped  1 bottle of cold Proseco (750ml) or other sparkling wine... Read more

Mango Coconut Popsicles

Ingredients Two mangoes 270ml tin of organic coconut cream 100ml water Pinch of Himalayan salt Method Blend fles... Read more

Pork Fillet - Sticky ginger pork with greens

Ingredients: 2 fillets of pork - around 500g each 1 tsp Chinese five spice 1/4 cup Harris Farm Markets honey 1 lar... Read more

Prosciutto e Fichi

  A very Italian flavour pairing, prosciutto e fichi (cured ham and figs) makes for a great, not-too-heavy but flavour-pa... Read more

Roast Citrus Glazed Gammon

Ingredients 1kg Gammon Citrus Glaze: 1/2 cup sugar, plus more for sprinkling 1/2 cup honey 1/4 cup water 1 Ruby Red Gr... Read more

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Lamb this week is a super product, and with the nights getting warmer again, they should prove popular with those keen to blow the cobwebs out of the BBQ. The butterflied leg of lambs are a brilliant cut done over a flame, fat side down on a medium heat to render the fat a touch, then turned down to low heat to just slowly cook away. I am a fan...

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Summer screams BBQ seemingly more so this week with the feral humidity we are copping, so some sensational grass-fed yearling beef from the Gippsland region of Victoria is the perfect answer. Sip a beer while you watch the flames of the BBQ turn this beauty into a delicious feast perfect with a salad. We also have an amazing deal on 1kg middle ...

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We seem to be getting the warmer temps more consistently now, which is good news for this bloke in terms of trying to forecast again. When you get the highs and lows in temp and humidity it all has a impact on what you decide to eat. We saw chicken spike last week with the crazy hot Friday we had, then things like the lamb racks near stop. So w...

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What a brilliant start and response so far to Curious Cuts. The continued feedback is invaluable to us so we can continue to get it right for this campaign. We have certainly increased the numbers for the Friend of the Farm offer which you'll find out this weekend.Righto, into the week ahead. The product of the week simply epitomises what winte...

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We have an absolute corker of a special this week as headline act, and that is the butterflied legs of lamb. These come from a supplier in South Australia where they have a really fantastic program and keep the lambs at that ideal 22kg carcase weight year round, and it makes it super easy for a business like us to then sell these goods, as they...

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I know after this weekend everyone will be sick of chocolate, but I will keep the theme of rich eating alive for a few more days. How so you ask? Pork Belly of course. I have been trying to get hold of a suitable parcel for awhile now because you guys love it, I love it, and jeez it’s easy to cook and please the family with. There is something...

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  We have a bumper week packed full of value at the meat department. Something absolutely perfect for the BBQ, or cut into steaks is the Yearling Beef Standing Rib Roasts. This should without doubt be sold over $20 a kilo, but you are getting it much much cheaper this week. We've got some tips for a perfect standing rib roast here.  On the pork...

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With the beef price still on the rise and with the dollar 30% lower than the same period, it continues to be a classic case of supply and demand with so much of our stock going overseas driving these crazy prices. However, with plenty of feed still around we are still able to offer an excellent value on our Yearling Grass-Fed Beef Rump Steak.On...

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UNWRAP NATURE'S GIFTS THIS CHRISTMAS ‘Tis the season to buy in-season. Christmas is a time for giving and Mother Nature is always extra generous this time of year. With sunny days and warm nights, it’s the perfect time to unwrap a mango or add a little cheer with cherries. We’ve been at the markets every morning to get our hands on all the best...

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Is there anything better (or more Aussie) than starting a morning with avo on toast? It’s the universal welcome mat to a good day. It’s swift, simple, versatile. And it’s seriously yummy. Yet it is possible to have too much of a good thing. With that in mind, here are five alternate toppings for toast to toy with this weekend. These come from a...

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The cut of beef this week is what we know as the oyster blade. Traditionally this would be sliced up and sold as oyster blade steak ideally slow cooked in a braise or casserole. However, this is just a sensational piece of meat and completely underutilised. I myself will be buying two of them. With one, I am going to cut Flat Iron steaks out of...

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We have a really special week ahead with a sensational mix of goods including some juicy pork bellies. These should be a real hit with the continuation of Chinese New Year celebrations and definitely something everyone seems to love eating. I think ill be mashing some celeriac and slicing some belly onto it. It just seems to be a match made in ...

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Easter week coming up and we have a great mix of product ensuring you get the very best from Harris Farm  Markets for Easter weekend. Fresh chicken breast fillets are great value this week a healthy, efficient and cheap way to feed the family. One of my favourites and a highly versatile cut are the grass-fed yearling beef sirloin portions. The...

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This week sees us with a really strong hand of summer products. Even though we continue to face the hardest stock positions in recent memory, not only on beef, but now also with pork at record highs, we somehow pull a freak week out of the hat. This week’s yearling grass-fed scotch fillet steaks from Gippsland and surrounds in Victoria is top n...

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Gamze Smokehouse is a family owned and operated business in North East Victoria that has a passion for good quality and locally made food. Gamze Smokehouse makes premium smallgoods from unique recipes with love and many years of experience and all their products are: Free Range Gluten Free Hand Crafted Preservative Free Naturally Wood Smoked ...

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CURIOUS CUTS Here at Harris Farm Markets we’re committed to reducing food waste, protecting the environment and supporting Aussie farmers. That’s why we’re proud to introduce another initiative that will do just that – CURIOUS CUTS, our new range of unusually delicious meat cuts that make the most of the whole animal. Featuring some of the tast...

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Are you worried about over-indulging when Christmas comes knocking? Thinking that it is too hard to eat well and enjoy your food? Sick of that all-too-familiar icky feeling after your Christmas celebration? As the Festive Season is often about sharing meals with loved ones, it also provides a great opportunity to inspire healthy eating in other...

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With festive season upon us many are making plans for their celebrations – here’s some kitchen favourites to inspire you along the way. THE BLINI: Look who doesn’t love a pancake hey? Savoury pancakes with a contrast in flavours – sour, salty, smooth, sometimes crunchy – they’re all good. Alternate using a zesty mashed avo, ricotta or creme fra...

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Then the question arrives. What in heaven do we give everyone? Instead of another scented candle, what about something that’s deceptively easy, delicious and made from the heart? These five DIY Christmas presents will help you get in the holiday spirit while celebrating the best of the season. Sling ...

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