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Cucumber Apple (each)

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Cucumber Telegraph (bag 15)

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Cucumber Telegraph (each)

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Cucumber Green (each)

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Cucumber Lebanese (500g)

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Sushi - Baby Roll - Cucumber (6 rolls)

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Cucumber Lebanese (box 10kg)

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Qukes (250g)

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Botanica - Juice Cold Pressed - Green (1L)

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Delamaris - Mackerel Picnic (125g)

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Paradise Beach - Dips Tzatziki (200g)

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Rozas Gourmet - Dips - Smoked Salmon (160g)

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Hokkai Seaweed Roasted 10pk

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Fresh Fodder - Dips Tzatziki (200g)

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Recipes with: cucumber

Asian Cucumber Salad

INGREDIENTS 2 x cucumbers 1 x avocado 3 tbsp. of miso paste 1 x knob of ginger (1 tbsp of grated ginger) 1 x lime ... Read more

Banana, Coconut, Mango Green Smoothie

The banana and avocado in this smoothie give it a velvety texture. To serve it as a smoothie bowl, reduce the liquid and ... Read more

Best Ever Haloumi Salad

This delicious (and we mean delicious) haloumi salad comes from a great little cafe in Mosman (a short walk from our shop... Read more

Chicken Tortillas with Summer Mango Salsa

Ingredients Shredded Chicken Tortillas 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 medium spanish onion, sliced 400g diced tomatoes 50g bur... Read more

Chinese Cabbage, Mint and Sesame Slaw

Toss this salad just before eating or the cabbage will soften too much. Try serving it with marinated pork steaks, chic... Read more

Curried Chicken Skewers with Mango Chutney and Cucumber Raita

INGREDIENTS Chutney: 4 x kp mangoes (approximately 1 kg of peeled and diced mango) 5 x cardamom pods (crushed and ski... Read more

Fresh Thai Beef Salad

Try this delicious, fresh Thai Beef Salad for a healthy mid-week meal.    Ingredients 400 grams rump steak strips 2 t... Read more

Green Chicken Noodle Salad

This green chicken noodle salad is a beautiful Spring time dish, perfect for a healthy lunch or dinner. The noodles u... Read more

Mango & Prawn Summer Salad

Ingredients 300g King prawns (cooked) 1 large mango, sliced 1 Lebanese cucumber, sliced 1 long red chilli, finely choppe... Read more

Mango and Prawn Salad

Fresh and light with a little bit of spice this summer salad is sure to impress Mango and Prawn Salad Ingredients 6... Read more

Mango Thai Noodle Salad

Ingredients 200g egg vermicelli noodles 2 long red chillies, deseeded, finely chopped 4 tbsp ketchup manis / sweet soy s... Read more

Miso Dressing

This dressing is delightful over greens. The miso paste adds a lovely depth of flavour, while also giving the dressing a... Read more

Pickled Dutch Carrots and Radishes

Serve these as a side on a ploughman’s or antipasto platter with cured meats, cheeses and fresh bread, or to add anothe... Read more

Pickled Qukes

  Not only good for Scrabble, Qukes can be an easy home-made gift for friends and family at Christmas; enjoy them later wi... Read more

Prawns with Iceberg Lettuce Salad & Avo Dressing

Does anything beat prawns for lunch in the summertime? Anything? Add a simple iceberg salad and a creamy avocado dres... Read more

Blogs with: cucumber

Available all year-round, mini Lebanese cucumbers are full of flavour, crunchy and fresh. They are known to be the perfect serving size with each measuring between 8.5 and 12cm long.They do not need to be de-seeded or peeed as much of the nutritional goodness is found in the skin. They are an ideal source of folate, fibre, and vitamin C.HOW TO...

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My pick this week is the fourth most commonly produced vegetable in the world - Lebanese cucumbers. They are a very mild, slender, deep green vegetable and they grow in popularity every year. World production is now in excess of 60 million tonnes, much of this in China. The seeds are completely edible and all over the world in winter and summer...

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Did you know cucumbers come from the same family as melons?! The Cucurbitaceae family includes squash, pumpkins, zucchini and melons. HydrationDid you know cucumbers are 95% water?!  Their high water content is important in helping to control body temperature, metabolism, heart and blood pressure. Water also is necessary to flush waste product...

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What is Sumac ? Sumac is the fruit of a bushy shrub that is grown in the middle east regions of Turkey and Iran and the Mediterranean region around Sicily. The fruit ripens in the form of conical clusters of berries that are sundried and then crushed into a dark and crimson/reddish powder. In Middle Eastern cooking Sumac is used as a souring ...

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What is Nectar Cold Pressed? Nectar Cold Pressed is a company all about ‘the perfect blend of taste, health, value and convenience’. Cold Pressed is a juicing method that ‘presses’ the fruits and vegetables at a much slower rate than a conventional centrifugal juicer which chops up the produce at a very high rate. This keeps the nutrients and e...

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The champagne is on ice and there’s every chance soft drinks and beer are taking up the lion’s share of space in the bathtub. The only question left is, what do you feed the hoards? This party season, take some of the pressure off. Here are 13 winning, do ahead, no fuss nibble ideas to ensure you spend more time with friends and family and less...

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IN FRUIT The warm weather has been a plus for supplies of seedless watermelon, they are abundant now which is uncharacteristic for this time of year. They are up to half the price now compared to what they were this time last year and the quality is fantastic – perfect for a summer flashback. Papaya is superb and eating quality is as good as it...

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My pick this week is Lebanese cucumbers. We are seeing strong supply driven out of the Sydney basin this week. Some warmer night time temperatures has given the crops are push along and the quality is excellent. Lebanese cucumbers are the most commonly produced vegetable in the world. Annual global production now exceeds 60 million tonnes. Here ...

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IN FRUITThere are plenty of good eating melons in the markets this week. Spanish melons are great eating and quality. For those who are not familiar with this fruit, this is the week to give them a go. Rockmelons coming from far north Queensland are excellent varieties that eat consistently well. Seedless watermelon is also well supplied this w...

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My pick this week is Lebanese cucumbers, the most commonly produced vegetable in the world. Annual global production now exceeds 60 million tonnes. Here in Australia this product hits its peak for taste and quality in the springtime. They are grown in glasshouses all over the country and become more and more popular every year. The old fashione...

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Our friend, The Wholesome Cook Martyna Angell, takes us through some handy Christmas Canape inspirations that she created to impress your families this Christmas.  She says, "I’m a strong believer in eating real food that’s good for your body: fresh vegetables and fruit, pasture-raised meat, quality seafood, dairy and wholegrains, and indulging...

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COLD PRESSED NIGHTLY FROM FRESH AUSTRALIAN FRUIT, WITH NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES.   What is cold pressing? Cold Pressing is a juicing method that ‘presses’ the fruits and vegetables at a much slower rate than a conventional centrifugal juicer which chops up the produce at a very high rate. This keeps the nutrients and enzymes intact to create a ...

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Part of the cabbage family, Kale has been cultivated for over 2,000 years! It is dark green in colour with curly leaves and a slightly peppery taste. Per calorie it has more iron than beef, more calcium than milk and more vitamin C than spinach. The best bit? It's super versatile. It can be roasted, steamed, sautued, fried Use it in salads, c...

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Starting 08 March 2016, Harris Farm Markets customers will be enjoying new Botanica Cold Pressed Juice flavours. Previously only available in select stores, the whole range is now available across all stores (excluding Edgecliff, Bathurst and Moruya).  The following Botanica Cold Pressed Juices flavours will come in 1L and 370ml bottles and wil...

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IN FRUITSeedless melon has eased considerably in price this week. At nearly half the price of last week and quality superb seedless melon is a must for this week’s shopping basket.The Northern Territory mango season has hit a bit of a hurdle. Inconsistent temperatures during the winter months have resulted in an uneven flowering which translates...

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IN FRUITAll the buzz at Harris Farm Markets, and the fruit industry as a whole this week is about our wonderful summer fruits that are starting to arrive at the markets this week. Peaches, nectarines and cherries are all now quite good to eat but still very pricey. The product coming back in price the quickest is Northern Territory mangoes. They...

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IN FRUITThe bad news is that those rains really did hit hard in the places our new season strawberries and blueberries are growing. Right now stock picked last Friday is in store but as the week goes on both berries will be weather effected damaging both the flavour and even more significantly the keeping ability of the berries. Over the next f...

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IN FRUITLeading the charge at Harris Farm this week are blueberries. All of them are great to eat and for me they are the number one breakfast food and just perfect for snacking on. Also very exciting this week is that Kensington Pride mangoes are now in store. A bit marked on the skin they are still great to eat and will improve every week. W...

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IN FRUITIn mangoes, we have new season Honey Golds this week. Our Honey Golds are currently being harvested from Katherine in the Northern Territory and are one of my favourite mangoes. Our imperfect mango range will also be the Honey Golds this week. The fruit is slightly misshapen and has some branch rub mark but rest assured, it eats perfect...

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IN FRUITGrapes are still fantastic. This week we will change over from Menindee seedless, a rounder berry with a tough skin but very sweet, to Thompson seedless, the longer berry with a softer skin that now runs through to May. The red seedless get better every week, however its white seedless for me at the moment. Don’t forget February is rock...

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The new year is well and truly underway so, it’s time. Time to turn over a new leaf. Time to put that fancy new blender Santa gave you to good use. Time to try one of those Kermit-hued smoothies you’ve seen all over Instagram.  Green smoothies tick so many boxes. They’re a sneaky way to smuggle a cup of greens into your day. They’re completely...

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Do you need some easy, impressive, do-ahead platter inspiration? We’re talking about the sort of food you can shop for days ahead, assemble the morning of and then unveil as your guests arrive. Yes? Great. We can help. The beauty of a platter is how they bring people together. People naturally flock to them. Just plonk them down and folks can s...

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Let’s raise a glass to the humble cabbage salad. Slaw has come a long way since koolsla ((kool= cabbage, sla= salad) was brought by Dutch settlers to America in the 17th and 18th Century. There is good slaw (zippy, fresh and exciting) and there is bad slaw (forlorn mounds served in drive through windows, which smell suspiciously like sadness). H...

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Remember when salad was just “salad”? It had some lettuce, a few bits of tomato and cucumber and maybe some avo if you were lucky? Fruit salad is still a bit like that isn’t it? Some melon, some apple, a couple of grapes and a few pieces of strawberry if you’re lucky. That fruit salad needs a facelift. And with these seven steps, your next effo...

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How good are herbs?  Small, but mighty in the flavour stakes, fresh herbs just make everything taste better. Spring is the perfect time to add a bunch of an old favourite or a new friend to your basket. (And we’ve got a fantastic little “choose your own adventure” green sauce recipe that will help you get the most out of every last frond.) Bef...

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