Satay G Satay Sauce 240g

$6.99 ea
  • Satay G Satay Sauce 240g
  • Satay G Satay Sauce 240g

Satay G - Satay Sauce

A unique satay sauce, the only fresh ready-to-eat satay sauce on the market. 

It starts off sweet, rich, nutty, fruity and by the time you read this sentence you’ll feel a spicy kick that’s just enough. That’s exactly what you’ll get from this sauce, every time!

An all-around balance flavour encompassing taste, low in sugar and salt. Once warmed through this satay sauce is the perfect companion with grilled/ bbq meats, fish and tofu. 

Try it on roast potatoes, yum! Stir it through noodles, steamed vegetables or even just rice. Replace your tomato and bbq sauce …

The list is endless.

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