Apple Rockit Each

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  • Apple Rockit Each
  • Apple Rockit Each

Rockit Apples

Nature's little treat

Aiming to bring better health, happiness and a little bit of nature into millions of lives around the globe.

Rockit™ apple is a deliciously sweet, miniature sized nutritious treat for when you're on the go. Packed into recyclable tubes, it’s healthy, natural and perfect for busy lives – in the car, at sport, at your desk or at school.

So next time you're hungry, reach for a Rockit™ apple – packed with essential vitamins, minerals and fiber for good health and wellbeing... it's nature's little treat

Small but mighty

Good things come in small packages and a Rockit™ apple is just that. It’s the miniature treat that packs a big nutritional punch.

Rockit™ apples, are not like ordinary big apples – they have 65% more potassium, 19% more energy and 10% more fiber than the average apple.* 

From the sunny orchards in New Zealand, it took 20 years of care and love to naturally develop the perfect snack size blend of two of the sweetest, crunchiest apples around: Gala and Splendour.

Pure and simple, healthy and nutritious –Rockit™ apples are the ultimate guilt-free snack.


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