Imperfect Dips Entertaining Board Bundle | Harris Farm Online

Imperfectly Perfect Entertaining Make Your Own Platter

$60.00 ea

 This pack contains a unique selection of delicious snacks that are perfect for entertaining.



Imperfect Pick Carrot, Quinoa and Coriander Dip 180g
Imperfect Pick Sweet Potato Spicy Dip 180g
Imperfect Pick Beetroot and Dill Dip 180g
Imperfect Pick Smokey Eggplant and Yoghurt Dip 180g
Beans Hand Picked min 500g
Carrot Dutch Bunch
Radish Red Bunch
Celery Whole
The Crackery Plain Wafer Cracker 100g
Val Verde Sesame Grissini 125g
Barossa Kitchen Nigella Flatbread 100g

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