Fish4Ever Skipjack Tuna Chunks in Brine 160g

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  • Fish4Ever Skipjack Tuna Chunks in Brine 160g
  • Fish4Ever Skipjack Tuna Chunks Brine 160g , Grocery-Can or Jar - HFM, Harris Farm Markets
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Fish4Ever - Skipjack Tuna Chunks - in Brine

Skipjack Tuna

Rated a world beating 89% by Greenpeace, our Skipjack isn’t only the best option in ethical terms, it’s also the best for quality. That’s because our little island factory in the Azores only works from whole fish rather than frozen pre-processed loins – and we only add really good, natural and organic ingredients. Using named, locally owned and operated pole and lines boats this is tuna you can trust – for taste and sustainability

Skipjack Tuna Chunks in Brine

100% pole and line fished in the Azores. Working only from whole fish, landed fresh and fished locally.



Fish4Ever has always been a leader in Sustainability, but now we are also becoming a sector leader with the addition of our innovative and exciting new products. Why not take the Fish4Ever 3 minute challenge!


Because we take such great care with our sourcing we can be certain that our products are fished locally, landed fresh, and prepared to the highest quality standards. 


We should eat at least 3 portions of fish per week but with busy lives it’s sometimes hard to plan ahead and fresh fish can go off quickly. Canned fish is a great alternative, quick, easy and convenient.

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