Cocktail Kit - G&T

Cocktail Kit - G&T

$80.00 ea

Create the perfect Gin & Tonic with this cocktail kit from Harris Farm.

The G&T kit includes:
Tanqueray Gin x 1
Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic 4 x 200 ml
Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water 4 X 200mL
Grapefruit x 1
Strawberry Punnet x 1 punnet 
Limes x 2
Juniper Berries 20g x 1

You'll need:
a cocktail shaker
a muddle stick

Strawberry + Gin + Tonic


The famous G&T doesn't require much of an introduction - but add in seasonal strawberries, grapefruit or lime and the possibilities are endless.
1. Add Gin - 30/45 mL depending on the size of your glass
2. Add Ice
3. Add your favourite seasonal fruit - sliced or muddled
4. Add Fever Tree tonic water
5. Garnish with an array of Juniper Berries, strawberry, grapefruit or lime!

Enjoy responsibly.