Cheese POP Emmental Cheese 65g

$4.99 ea

Cheese POP - Emmental (65g)

  • 100% cheese, No additives
  • Surprisingly crunchy
  • No carbohydrates & gluten free
  • Ideal as a snack for adults and children
  • Perfect as an ingredient on salads, soups or pasta
  • Made with original Gouda and Emmental

Innovative product

Cheesepop is a unique snack made from a single ingredient: cheese! No additives! Respect for nature and the taste of a pure and honest product. Innovative is the way Cheesepop is produced. The cheese is cut, dried and then freshly popped. This new manufacturing method creates a unique pop with a powerful cheesy taste.

When Cheesepop?

Quirky but versatile. Cheesepop is ideal for various occasions and uses.

As a luxury cocktail snack

Party or drinks? Surprise your guests with this unique snack. Cheesepop is the perfect accompaniment to a glass of red wine and lends an exciting twist to sparkling wines. In addition this luxury cocktail snack comes in an eye-catching pack. A welcome guest at any successful soirée.

As a culinary extra

Raise your meals to a higher level with Cheesepop. The pure Gouda cheese taste will give some oomph to your salads and add a little extra to your soups. Perhaps your meal requires some creativity. The pops are great as a culinary decoration on your plate or bowl. Cheesepop is also a delicious after-dinner treat on a hearty cheese board.

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