Vegetable Home Delivery

Vegetable home delivery

Nowadays, consumers are getting conscious when ordering vegetable home delivery. If you are health-conscious then you should only buy or cook fresh vegetables instead of using frozen vegetables.


Vegetable home delivery is very convenient especially if you have a busy schedule. What if you have some guests coming over to join you for dinner and you can’t go to your local market? The best thing to do is to order your vegetables online so that you can quickly prepare your meal. Fresh vegetables can be obtained from local farmers.


The quality of vegetable home delivery at Harris Farm Markets is the best as we have an expert team who are well experienced in picking them delivering fresh vegetables which are sourced directly from growers.

Nutritional Value

The fresher the vegetables, the more nutritional value you can get. This is because if your vegetables are no longer fresh then their vitamins, minerals and fibre will be gone. Fresh vegetable home delivery is more nutritious compared to those frozen vegetables which are displayed on supermarkets. Fresh vegetables also taste better compared to the frozen ones. Your home cooked meal can taste great if you choose fresh vegetables rather than frozen vegetables.

At Harris Farm Markets, there is a huge variety of fresh vegetables that you can choose from. We also offer different recipes which are easy to prepare. Some of the vegetables that we offer include broccoli (head), cabbage savoy (whole), cauliflower (whole), Choy Sum (bunch) and others. We also offer same day delivery as long as you make your order before 3PM. You can guarantee that our expert team will carefully pick the freshest vegetables for your needs.