Veg and Fruit

Veg and Fruit

Smoothies are tasty drinks that are usually a combination of fresh veg and fruit. Sometimes milk, yogurt and other ingredients are added in order to make it taste better. 

Varieties of Veg and Fruit

Some of the fruits that can be included in smoothies are applesberriesbananasavocados and other citrus fruits. If you want a healthier smoothie then you can include some vegetables such as lettucecucumbersspinach and others. You can also experiment with other varieties of fruits and vegetables. By decreasing the amount of sugar and adding vegetables to your smoothie, it can give you more nutrients. 

A Healthy Drink

Due to its multitude of health benefits, smoothies which are made from veg and fruit are considered as a healthy drink. In fact, it is much healthier compared to fruit juices. The reason behind this is because whole fruit is added to the smoothie which provides fibre. On the other hand, in fruit juices we only extract the juice from the fruit. The fibre in fruits can help in making our digestive system function properly. Smoothies are also perfect for summer because it is rich in water content which can make your body hydrated all the time. Aside from fibre, it can also provide other nutrients such as minerals, vitamins as well as antioxidants.

Provides Energy

A veg and fruit smoothie can also provide our body with the energy we need in our daily activities. A smoothie is also a good source of fructose which can help in making our mind active and alert all the time. It can also strengthen our immune system and protects us from a cold or flu. Now that you already know the health benefits of a smoothie, you can start making your own by ordering your veg and fruit at Harris Farm Markets. You can include Jazz apple, reed avocado, Lady Finger bananas (5 in a bunch) and others.