The Butcher and The Chef

All of our products are from ethical and sustainable growers and suppliers:

BEEF: Tasmanian grown, Free Range, Grass Fed, MSA Graded, Chemical Free, Hormone Free, Happy cows!.

PORK: Ethically sourced free-range Berkshire Pork. Superior quality from happy pigs.

CHICKEN: Free Range, Chemical free, No growth hormones. All from happy Chickens.

LAMB: Free range, Chemical free Dorset Dorper cross lamb from Victoria, which is specifically bread for high quality meat (not for wool) has a sweeter and more refined flavour.

"For me food is all about people.. Who the Growers are... Who you buy from...
Who inspires you to cook...And Who you share your food with"

"I see food as being the cultural definition of everyone's character. It's an open, heart felt exploration of all different tastes, upbringings and our adventurous spirit" Tom

 Our philosophy is to stay as close to raw and fresh as possible with our ingredients. We make our own marinades, sauces, spices rubs, from scratch "no nasties, no preservatives, no numbers". All of our products are friendly to cook. Whether it is for a huge dinner party or a dinner for 2, we always have fantastic ideas for you.

We are always looking for people who are passionate about food.

You can contact us via email or by phone:

Kristy 0422 660 401 or Tom 0412 478 422 for any questions regarding new career opportunities.