Store to Home Delivery

Store to Home Delivery

There are a lot of people who are now using store to home delivery because of its convenience. Why spend your precious time in going to the grocery store when you can just sit in your home and order your groceries? It will be delivered on the same day or on the time that is more convenient to you.  Delivery service is perfect for people who have busy schedules and do not have any time to shop personally at grocery stores. Seniors and disabled people can also benefit from delivery services. In fact, all people from different ages can take advantage of having their groceries delivered to their homes.

Save Time and Costs

When ordering store to home delivery, your groceries will not be shipped directly from the company but a staff will be buying the groceries for you and they will deliver them to your home. This can reduce the costs that you will be paying and at the same time you can guarantee that you will receive fresh fruits and vegetables that are not damaged. At Harris Farm Markets we offer promotions and discount codes in order for our customers to receive the best deals and lowest prices for the best quality products. Click here for more information in regards to our promotions. 

Deliver Any time

Store to home delivery can deliver your groceries any time of the day. You groceries will be delivered any day of the week while you’re out working as long as somebody is at your home to receive them. Having somebody do the shopping for you can let you save a lot of time. When groceries are delivered, you will be given a detailed receipt which contains all the items that you ordered online.


There is no limit on the type of groceries that you want to order. If there are items that you cannot find in one website, you can always find it in another website. Harris Farm Markets offers a variety of products including organic Granny Smith apple (1kg pack), small carrots (500g prepack), yummy premium apricot (250g) and so much more.