Popular Categories - Our Top 9!

Letterman was famous for his top 10 lists. In his honour, but to ensure we don't breach copyright, here is our Top 9 list of popular categories to guide your first shop with Harris Farm online.


Shopping List

This list is based on analysis of shopper habits online. Its obvious that our customers are looking for fresh fruit and veg, many of them look for both. But did you know that our online butcher shop is also very popular and our online seafood market will give the Fish Markets a run for their money too!


Kick Start your grocery shop

Want to kick start your online grocery shop. Check out the following 9 popular categories on Harris Farm to turbocharge your online shop:


Top 9 Grocery Categories

1. Fruit: A selection of our freshest and ripest fruit. Think fruit buy? Think Harris Farm. 
2. Vegetables: Asparagus, carrots, potatoes and much more. All home delivered. 
3. Fruit & Vegetables: A combination of everything that Harris Farm is famous for. 
4. Online Butcher: Forget your local butcher shop. We have everything you need. Sausages, roasts, deli goods and more. 
5. Seafood: The fish market has nothing on us. Tender, white fish fillets, whole fish and more.
6. Organic Groceries: We take healthy eating to the next level. Buy your organic groceries with us. 
7. Cleaning Products: Buy more than fruit and veg. We sell products to keep your house clean. 
8. Beef: Succulent beef fresh from the farm. 
9. Lamb: The best tasting lamb, tender and moist. Ready to dish up for dinner time.