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Dave's Recipe Box | Chicken and Lamb

$125.00 ea

Organic Fruit and Veg Box

$60.00 ea

Orange Navel Large Each

$1.95 ea

Apple Royal Gala Organic 875g

$6.99 ea

Strawberries Organic 250g

$3.99 ea

Avocado Greenskin Large Each

$3.00 ea

Figs Punnet 300g

$2.99 ea

Grapes Red Seedless Organic 500g

$5.99 ea

Grapes White Seedless Organic 500g

$5.99 ea

Mini Melon Organic Each

$8.22 ea

Tomato Cherry Organic 200g

$3.99 ea

Dragon Fruit Each

$2.50 ea

Asparagus bunch

$1.99 ea

Radish Red bunch

$1.50 ea

Tomato Kumato 500g

$2.99 ea

Tomato Yellow Snacking 200g

$2.50 ea

Baby Capsicums Organic Mixed Colour 175g

$3.99 ea

Harris Farm Green Juice 1L

$6.99 ea

Harris Farm Homemade Pesto 250g

$5.00 ea

Guacamole 250g

$5.00 ea

Zucchini Noodles Zoodles 400g

$2.00 ea

Juicing Box

$35.00 ea

B.B Products Antipasto Selection 200g

$9.99 ea

Dandy Economy Bacon 1kg

$4.99 ea

Ocean King Smoked Salmon 500g

$12.99 ea

Harris Farm Fresh Skin On Salmon Side min 700-850g

$24.64 ea

Sydney Fresh Seafood Arrow Squid Cleaned min 600g

$7.79 ea

Sydney Fresh Seafood Blue Swimmer Crab Raw min 350g

$7.70 ea

Cypriana Halloumi Cheese 225g

$5.99 ea

Flinders Estate Triple Cream Brie 250g-350g

$10.50 ea

Harris Farm Tasmanian Brie 200g-300g

$5.10 ea

Harris Farm Tasmanian Camembert Cheese 200g-300g

$5.10 ea

Havarti Cheese 250g-350g

$8.05 ea

Sydney Fresh Seafood Salted Baccala min 500g

$9.00 ea

King Island Roaring 40s Blue Cheese 100-200g

$7.00 ea

Harris Farm Eggs Free Range Eggs x12 660g

$4.99 ea